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Cambridge Junior English Course

Abbey College Residence & Homestay


Cambridge is world-famous for its historic colleges, beautiful architecture and its iconic images of students cycling bicycles and punting on the River Cam. Our centre is located at EC Cambridge or a local Cambridge college We offer residential accommodation at Abbey College in central Cambridge and in local homes. 

Key Facts:


Abbey College, Tripos Court (Single en-suite): £985

Homestay: £835 per week (price includes tuition, trips, activities, accommodation and full board)

Location: Abbey College, Cambridge

Dates: 2 July - 13 August


Residence programme: 12 – 18  (18 year olds accepted as part of a group with a leader)

Homestay programme: 13–17

Accommodation: Single en suite room (private bathroom)

Sample Excursions: London, Oxford and Warwick Castle

Day programme: 4 July - 12 August. Always starting on a Monday including tuition, activities and lunch. No accommodation included. Contact us for more information


Room Type Single  Twin/Triple
Bathroom Ratio Ensuite  Shared
Room set up 6-9 rooms per flats with shared
kitchen/common space
Shared with family
What’s in a room Bed, chest of drawers,
wardrobe, desk, lamp
Bed, wardrobe, desk, lamp
Common room Yes Yes, shared with family
Cleaning Bedrooms weekly,
common areas daily
Linen cleaning Changed weekly  
Towels Students bring their
own towels
Laundry Available on campus/homestay (small fee)  
Meals Meals served in the school dining room at
Abbey College with packed lunches
provided at weekends and on full day trips
Breakfast and dinner are provided by the host
family. Lunch is provided at school with packed
lunches at weekends and on full day trips
Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Distance to classes 5 min walk Up to 50 mins

On-site activities are scheduled on weekdays in between lessons, with full-day excursions three times a week. All activities are designed to continue learning in a fun and enjoyable way, encouraging students to develop life skills and make new friends through sport, activities and socially interactive games.


Sports: with a choice of football, mini Olympics, rounders, table tennis, volleyball and basketball.

Daytime activities: drama and performance workshops, scavenger hunts and photo quiz.

Evening: Activities such as karaoke, talent show, and team games.

Full-Day Excursions

London: Visit London several times, seeing places such as: the British Museum, the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery, Oxford street shopping and Hyde Park

Oxford: Students can get to know the other famous university city and visit one of its most famous colleges

Stratford Upon Avon: Visit this beautiful town, the birthplace of Shakespeare

Ely Cathedral: This city features a beautiful Anglican cathedral and also includes a visit to Cambridge Botanical Gardens

Additional Cambridge excursions: On full-day excursions students get to spend the day punting on River Cam, visit the Duxford IWM museum, visit Kings’s College and Granchester Meadows.




The classroom is at the heart of your Cambridge Junior English Course. English Lessons are student-centred and encourage the development of relevant language skills.

  • Lessons are taught by friendly and professional English teachers
  • 20 x 45 minute lessons per week morning, or afternoon
  • Placement test on day 1 to ensure students in appropriate level
  • Maximum 17 students per class
  • Students will be placed in an international class with students of different nationalities
  • Curriculum with emphasis on communication skills
  • Many classrooms have interactive whiteboards
  • Materials included as well as an end of course report and certificate
  • Classrooms are located at Abbey College

Travel times to nearest airports

(LGW) London Gatwick Airport 2 hrs
(LHR) London Heathrow Airport 1 hr 45 mins
(STN) Stansted Airport 45 mins
(LTN) Luton Airport 1 hr


Travel times to nearest train station

St Pancras International (Eurostar) 1 hr 45 mins

                                Sample Timetable


Each 14 night stay will include 2 local visits by foot or local transport to Cambridge with activities and 6 full-day excursions to other sites such as London, Oxford and Warwick Castle.

Students also do full-day excursions in Cambridge to explore King’s College, try punting on River Cam, Duxford IWM and Granchester Meadows, among other places. Transport for trips may be by private coach or public transport.

This programme is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to amendments or alterations.

Cambridge Programme 2022 (Residential)

  Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Morning Arrivals

On-site activities

Optional trip to Norwich


Walking Tour of Cambridge
Lessons Lessons Lessons Lessons Full-day excursion to London with Westminster walking tour and Covent Garden
Afternoon Indoor sports

Arts & crafts - Cambridge theme
Half-day visit to King's College

X-Factor Karaoke
Mini-Olympics Cambridge Botanical Gardens
Evening Welcome games

On-site activities
Capture the flag Kahoot Quiz Night

Culture Club
Talent show Big Game Bingo

Photo Scavenger Hunt
Disco Film Night

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