Improve your English and develop Life Skills

Developing Your Life Skills

Every step of the student journey is an essential element in developing their Life Skills. It starts right at the beginning when students leave their parents to study abroad and continues through to the end of their course. Once they arrive, the students begin meeting each other and soon begin making friends from all over the world. They try out new activities and take part in engaging English lessons.

Our students will be challenged to be responsible and independent in a supportive environment and be part of the global community created in each of the Embassy Summer centres. This environment creates the perfect conditions for our students to develop 6 core life skills that we have identified as supporting the whole growth of a person and supporting their future success.  These life skills are confidence, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, exploration and creativity.

Our Activities & Excursions are designed to further support the development of these skills. From taking lead on a team project that builds confidence, creating a piece of work to documenting a project in the local area – there are lots of opportunities for our students to develop their life skills.

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