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At Embassy Summer, we have designed our English language programmes to ensure young students can learn English in a fun and inspirational way. The classroom is the heart of every Embassy Summer school and lessons are student-centred, encouraging the development of relevant language skills. The curriculum focuses on communication skills, to improve listening and speaking. We want students to leave our centres with better confidence in speaking English and a real sense of achievement.

Our friendly teachers ensure our lessons are engaging and fun, with some centres using interactive whiteboards to enhance teaching. Classroom activities include role-play, pair work, group work and solo projects. Students will learn about their trips and excursions in class to maximise their learning and progress.

On the first day, all students take an English test to ensure they are placed in a class of the appropriate level. Thereafter, students will have lessons with their new international classmates every morning or afternoon, Monday to Friday.

Key Facts

🗸 Engaging classrooms with a positive learning atmosphere
🗸 15 hours (20 x 45 minute) of lessons per week, morning or afternoon
🗸 Taught by qualified English teachers
🗸 Student ratios of 16 students per class
🗸 Placement testing lesson on day 1 to ensure students are classed appropriate to their level
🗸 We teach all levels, from beginner to advanced
🗸 All courses include learning resources, materials appropriate to students age and level, and an end of course certificate.

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