Eleni Verdeli


Joining Embassy Summer 2023 will be an unforgettable experience!




My name is Eleni Verdeli and I’ve been an EFL Teacher and a Foreign Language School Owner for many years in my country, Greece.

Before I joined the Embassy Summer Team I had worked for other companies in the UK before. However, last summer was completely different! The minute I arrived in Mile End, London, I realized I would become a member of a very loving and supportive family. It was the Director of Studies who welcomed me warmly and showed me the ropes until the other Teachers came to campus. Everything was organized and all issues were settled in the best possible way. There was assistance, trust and solidarity both among the Teachers and the Activity Leaders and as for the Managing Directors; they were really understanding and very efficient!

I stayed in Mile End for one and a half months and during that period I had the chance to learn a lot in terms of Teaching and Management, as well as the opportunity to make new friends from many different nationalities and broaden my horizons by learning about their cultures. We also met brilliant students from around the world and we all helped them to adapt to our community, increase their knowledge and gain memorable experiences!

What is most rewarding for me, however, is the fact that I was very much appreciated for my work and my contribution to the overall success of the program. My superiors gave me very positive feedback and hired me again this summer. After all, what is more important than being acknowledged and promoted throughout your career?

I believe this will be an even better summer for all of us in Embassy Family! We will set goals and work hard to achieve them in order to benefit our students and do our best for our community and our professional development.