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Working with Embassy Summer means that you'll spend the summer crafting memories and inspiring our young learners from all over the world. Whether you're a bubbly and enthusiastic Activity Leader, an inspirational EFL Teacher, or are looking to step up into a Management role, we have opportunities to suit all.

At Embassy Summer, it's more than just a summer job - it's the summer of your life. Make friends, go on amazing adventures, and be inspired for years to come. We offer competitive salaries, and full-board accommodation in the most central & sought-after cities in the United States & Canada.

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What Our Staff Have to Say...

Benjamin Schmiedicke - Program Manager (West Coast)


  • Why Work with Embassy Summer?

    Embassy Summer offers a unique opportunity to work within tight-knit teams, collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds. Each day brings fresh challenges and learning experiences, ensuring our teams remain engaged and motivated throughout the summer. We highly value our staff and are committed to investing in their training and personal and professional development.

    This year, we are elevating our teaching materials and introducing a more comprehensive training program for all our temporary summer camp staff.

  • What is your Recruitment Process?

    Our recruitment process is straightforward:

    1. Complete and submit your application form.
    2. If shortlisted, you will be invited for an online interview.
    3. Following a conditional job offer, we will begin full background checks and onboarding.
    4. Before starting employment, you will participate in our pre-arrival orientation and online training programs accessed through our staff portal.
    5. Upon arrival at the center, you will receive a comprehensive center-specific orientation. Our center management teams will continue to support you with in-center observations and workshops throughout your contract of employment with us.
  • What Experience Do I Need to Work for Embassy Summer?

    Working in a summer school is a dynamic and enjoyable experience. Your days will be diverse, involving interactions with students to ensure they have the best possible Embassy Summer experience.

    For all roles, we welcome applicants with excellent communication skills, high energy levels, enthusiasm, and strong leadership skills. If this is your first summer job, you'll gain valuable life skills and experience personal and professional growth while creating wonderful memories.

    Attending paid training is a requirement to be hired.

  • What Documents Do I Need to Work in North America?

    To move forward with your application, we require valid documents as proof of your eligibility to work in North America. Please check your eligibility before applying. You need to be legally able with all relevant documentation/work visas to work in either Canada or the United States (depending on which country you apply).

  • What are the Requirements to Get a Job in the US?

    To prove employment authorization, USCIS will accept:

    • a Social Security card.
    • a U.S. birth or birth abroad certificate.
    • a Native American tribal document.
    • a U.S. citizen ID card.
    • a resident citizen ID card, or.
    • unexpired employment authorization documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security.



  • Do I Need a Social Security Number to Work in North America?

    If you do not already have a Social Security Number (SSN), you should apply for one if you plan to work in North America. An SSN is necessary/required for tax purposes and may be needed for future benefit claims that rely on your SSN contributions. For details on how to apply for an SSN, please visit the official government website.

  • What are the Requirements to Get a Job in Canada?

    Proof of eligibility shall be in the form of a Canadian birth certificate, Canadian passport, Canadian citizenship certificate, Canadian certificate of permanent residence, Canadian open work permit or receipt from Immigration Canada of an application for a post-graduate work permit. Proof of eligibility must be current and valid (not expired, cancelled or voided). Proof of eligibility will be required if an offer of employment is made. Failure to provide proof of eligibility at least six (6) weeks prior to the start date in the offer of employment may result in the offer of employment being rescinded.

  • If I am not a US or Canadian citizen, can I work in the USA or Canada with a work VISA?

    Embassy Summer does not typically sponsor work VISA’s. You will be required to obtain your own work VISA at your expense.  Embassy Summer will not be able to assist you with this process in either the US or Canada.

  • What Is the Typical Summer Contract Length?

    We offer contracts that range from 6- 10 weeks for management positions and 2-7 weeks for activity leaders, teachers & airport greeters. Camp, including onsite training, begins mid-June to mid-August, depending on the center. Often management will begin working remotely in April or May on hourly pay and move to salary when they arrive on campus.

    During peak weeks, we may request staff to temporarily transfer to another center to meet operational needs. This offers staff a valuable opportunity to work with different age groups and levels. Embassy Summer would provide the transfers.

  • What Is the Typical Working Week?

    All residential staff members are contracted to work 5- 6 days per week, with 1 to 2 days off per week, 32-40 hours each week, (Most likely 1 day off per week.) If you are hired as a NON-RESIDENTIAL staff, you are not required to work full time. If living on campus your shifts may be split to up to 4 hours twice a day or 1 full shift of 8-12 hours per day. (I.e. a full day trip on a coach may be more that 8 hours.)

    - Residential Activity Leaders: 32-40 hours per week Non-Residential Activity Leaders: 20-40 Hours per week.

    - Teachers: 15-30 hours per week along with 2.75 to 5.50 admin/teacher planning hours each week at an Admin rate.

    - Residential Teachers will be required to work a dual role of Activity Leading alongside teaching.  You will work the remaining hours after teaching, as an activity leader up to 40 hours total per week.

    - Managers: Hours will vary according to the role. Typically, working  6 days per week.

    - Staff will be required to perform residential duties as part of their contracted hours, typically involving meal supervision and bedtime duties. These duties will be paid.

  • Will I live on campus and be provided with meals?

    In both US and Canada we have limited number of housing/meals available. If you are hired as a residential staff, you will share a room in the dorms that our students are housed in with 1-3 additional staff associate. You will be offered 19 - 21 meals a week provided either by the location cafeteria on site or a meal chosen by your Center Manager if you are offsite with the students. Embassy Summer will not provide meals you choose to miss, or at alternate times, including on your day off if you are off campus. There is a housing and meal deduction depending on location.

    Room assignments are made to comply with our student welfare guidelines, and staff members will be placed on student floors for supervisory purposes. You will be given bedding and a pillow. A bath towel may or may not be provided depending upon the location.  See your Center Manager for details prior to arrival. Please bring your own bedding if you have specific needs.

    If you are non-residential staff only meals on full day activities are provided.

    ALL MANAGEMENT positions are required to live on campus and most management will likely have a single room. Please speak to your Embassy Summer recruiter for details.

  • Do managers have access to private rooms and bathrooms?

    Embassy Summer aims to provide managers with their own room.   Private bathrooms may or may not be provided depending upon location. However, most are not provided with a private bathroom

    - Staff: If you live in the area near the campus, you will be hired as a Non-Residential staff and commute to work.

  • Do you accommodate specific dietary requirements or allergies?

    We make every effort to accommodate dietary requirements. We recommend discussing your needs with the Center Manager upon arrival. All our centers offer a vegetarian option at every meal. We commonly cater to Celiac diets, and a packed lunch will be provided on full-day excursions.

  • Is there a dress code for Embassy Summer staff?

    Staff members should dress appropriately for their roles and being around students and will be provided with Embassy Summer T-shirts –required to be worn while on duty along with a STAFF ID Lanyard. All employees are expected to avoid attire with offensive or inappropriate drawings or sayings, as the safety and comfort of our students depend on it. Your attire will require proper walking shoes and rain gear if needed.

  • We process staff hours every two weeks. The specific payment date will be communicated to you upon your arrival. You will be required to provide your banking information as we pay only by direct deposit every other Friday and you will be paid the currency of the country you are working in, (US or Canada).

  • How will I receive my schedule?

    Embassy Summer prides itself on being primarily green and you will receive your schedules, your trip pack information and other messages electronically. Embassy Summer uses WhatsApp and additional apps for receiving this information such as weekly schedules. You will receive this information at training.

  • Yes, we provide overtime pay at your regular hourly rate (as detailed in your employment agreement) for any hours worked beyond your agreed weekly hours. Your weekly hours and any overtime worked will be recorded in our Time and Attendance system, and overtime hours will be included in your total hours worked during the stated pay claim periods. Please note each State/ Canada will vary according to the location overtime regulations.

  • Time off due to illness is unpaid, and staff members are encouraged to take a day off until they are fit for work without compensation. In some cases, we may require a doctor’s note to return to work.

  • Does Embassy Summer have a staff portal?

    Once you are onboarded, you will receive a link to access the staff portal. The staff portal provides access to important documents to support your employment and training. 

  • What is Embassy Summer's Social Media policy?

    We encourage the professional use of social media within certain guidelines. You are welcome to build your professional profile and contribute to positive engagement with colleagues while following our organizational posts. However, from a child and student protection perspective, you must avoid socially connecting with students via email or mobile.

  • Can I refer a friend or family member to work with Embassy Summer?

    Absolutely! We appreciate referrals. If you successfully refer a friend or family member who works with us, you will receive a referral bonus as a token of our appreciation.

  • Can I bring visitors to the center I'm working at?

    To maintain our strict welfare and safeguarding policy, visitors are not allowed on-site.

  • Are there laundry facilities at the center?

    Washing machines and dryers are available in each residence building or boarding house for a fee and you will be required to purchase your laundry soap. Detailed information about the center’s facilities will be accessible through your center guide on our staff portal.

  • Are beach towels provided to residential staff?

    Beach towels are not provided.

  • Can I claim damage or lost personal belongings?

    Embassy Summer does not accept liability for any damage or loss of personal belongings. We strongly recommend that you insure your personal items, particularly laptops and mobile phones, before your arrival.

  • Will there be parking at my center?

    Parking availability for summer staff may vary by location. We recommend discussing parking options with your Center Manager before your arrival.

  • Is it possible for staff to be relocated to a different room or off-site housing?

    Yes, staff members may be moved to another on-site room or different off-site housing if necessary. Embassy Summer will cover the costs of the transportation.

  • Is there wifi at the center?

    Wi-Fi is available throughout our summer school centers, ensuring you stay connected and have easy access to the internet. You will be required to provide your own data while out on trips or at the airport.

  • Is a mobile phone required for Embassy Summer staff?

    Yes, all staff members are required to have a mobile phone with data for communication, particularly using WhatsApp. A portable phone charger is recommended.

  • Does Embassy Summer offer portable cell phone chargers for staff?

    No, portable cell phone chargers are not provided. However, they may be available for rent with a deposit at the site.  We highly suggest having a portable charger.

  • Can staff leave the campus during their free time?

    Yes, staff members can leave the campus during their free time, provided that at least two managers remain on campus to ensure safety. Center Managers should be informed before leaving.

  • Are managers and staff required to pay for their meals on their days off?

    Yes, managers and staff have the option to either utilize the prepaid meal plan or cover the cost of their own meals if they choose not to use it.

  • How do reimbursements for expenses work at Embassy Summer?

    Staff members are not permitted to use their own money on behalf of Embassy Summer.

  • Is travel to and from camp reimbursed?

    No, travel to and from the camp is not reimbursed.

  • Is there an expectation for staff to use their personal cars at Embassy Summer?

    No, there is no expectation for staff members to utilize their personal vehicles as a requirement for their roles at Embassy Summer.

  • Does Embassy Summer provide a phone or phone stipend for staff?

    No, phones and phone stipends are not provided to staff other than Management.