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All Embassy Summer centres offer exciting programmes with lots of activities and excursions, which take place throughout the day and in the evenings. For example, you will get the chance to explore a new city or go to fun places like theme parks and museums. Each of these activities and excursions are fun, educational, and provide a chance for students to enhance and improve their Life Skills.

Football is an internationally loved sport that improves communications skills between teammates and builds leadership and team work skills   

 Quiz/Kahoot Quiz
Listening, comprehending and answering the quiz in English greatly aides communication skills.   

 Big Prize Bingo
Students must listen and comprehend numbers and complete a number of challenges in order to be victorious. Communicating as a team to not miss a number is vital.   
Students demonstrate confidence by performing in front of the group.   


Students showcase their sporting abilities and try new sports/challenges to build confidence.   

Talent Show
Students perform their talents or learned talents in front of the audience, improving their confidence.   
Ultimate Frisbee
Students work together to get frisbee into other team's scoring area in order to win. You cannot travel with the frisbee, so team interplay is essential.   

Team Relay Challenges

Students work together to complete relay or other type challenges involing objects/obstacles.  

Capture the Flag
Large game where teams strategically attempt to steal flags from opposition and bring them back to their safe zone, whilst defending their own as a team.   
Treasure Hunt
Student may demonstrate leadership by electing themselves a team Captain or orienteer taking their team to the clues.   

Ice Breaker Games

Students (particularly individuals) display leadership through taking the initiative to make new friends and bond with different nationalities.   

Beat the Staff
Student may demonstrate leadership amongst their peers by volunteering for a challenge as the student team representative for a stated challenge/activity.   
The Great Egg Drop
Students work together to transform resources into a purpose built container designed to protect an egg dropped from increasing heights.   

Photo Scavenger Hunt

In groups, students create and capture pictures according to a pre prepared list involving creative interpretation and language comprehension.   

Murder Mystery Night
Students collect clues and interrogate staff to solve the murder mystery. Teamwork, problem solving and communication are key.    
London Museum Visit

Students curious to learn more can get the chance to visit some of the world's finest museums in London.   

Culture Club

Students attend curious to learn about the topic on offer in the Culture Club.  

Nature Walk
Students can explore the natural surroundings and feed their curiousity for the English countryside and biodiversity.  
Fashion Show

Working to a shared theme, students can showcase and develop their creative talents by transforming resources into garments they can later model.   

Arts & Craft

Students can develop their creative skills in painting, making and moulding resources into the theme of the day. Workshops may include origami, poster and flag making.  

Music Video Making
Students can use their smartphones to create music videos that will be premiered later in the activity.  
London River Cruise

Students explore new parts of the city and learn about the history of what they are seeing.   

London Westminster Walk

Students explore London's famous landmarks and learn about the history of what they are seeing.    

Local Town Trail
Students explore their local town and experience English culture.