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When you work for Embassy Summer you can expect a summer filled with exciting activities and excursions with a truly global group of young people. It's a fantastic opportunity for students to improve their English and create unforgettable memories. To deliver the highest quality in our summer courses, we need amazing summer staff. To learn more about our jobs and how it works when you work for Embassy Summer, read our FAQ's.

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  • More interesting facts about Embassy Summer & EC Academy

    We run 13 summer schools across the UK, 1 in Dublin, 4 in North America & 2 in Canada.

    We offer award-winning summer programmes, recognised with the ST Star award for juniors in 2015, the silver award for Best Educational Product in the British Youth Travel awards 2018 and short-listed for the ST Star award 2019.

    We are proud to hold 6 accreditations/memberships: including the British Council and Younger Learners English UK.

  • Why choose to work for Embassy Summer or EC Academy?

    We offer staff the opportunity to work in close-knit teams with people from different backgrounds. Every day presents new challenges, ensuring our teams remain engaged and motivated throughout the summer!

    We value all of our staff and believe strongly in investing in staff training and personal development. Prior to the commencement of employment, we provide pre-arrival online training, activity leader training days, teacher webinars and a weekend management training event. Staff have access to all our company policies through our staff onboarding portal.

    Upon arrival at the centre, the staff will be given a full centre specific induction. This combined with in-centre observations and workshops ensure all of our staff members are fully prepared for the summer ahead.

  • Our recruitment process

    1. You submit your application via our recruitment portal that you reach through our website

    2. We shortlist applications and invite suitable candidates for a Skype/phone interview

    3. Successful candidates will be made a provisional offer of employment and the on-boarding process is commenced whilst all background checks and references are completed

    4. Once all background checks have been completed,  pre-arrival online training is offered

    5. Staff will receive a centre induction when they arrive at their host centre

  • What qualifications and experience do I need?

    Previous experience of working in a summer school and dealing with international students or possessing sporting and leadership skills is extremely desirable.  We always welcome new applicants that meet our application criteria

    Here are some examples:

    Managers – Management experience in junior education/learning - Managing multiple departments and teams (Desirable). Management experience in a summer school environment (Desirable)

    Activity Leader – Activity Leaders are expected to demonstrate experience and/or interest in working with young people. No formal qualifications are required however, having experience and an interest in for example sports coaching, drama or dance is desirable. Our activities leaders must have an interest in leading tours and activities with the ability to engage students

    House Parents – Experience in a summer school environment or boarding school (Desirable)

    Night Supervisors - SIA licence and valid First Aid (Desirable)

    EFL Teachers - As a British Council accredited summer school, we require our EFL Teachers to have a University Degree & a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL (or Accreditation-UK recognised equivalent) (or) PGCE in English or MFL. Applicants with the DELTA, QTS (Primary or Secondary) or CELTYL, are particularly welcomed. Newly qualified EFL teachers will also be welcomed

  • What background checks will Embassy Summer/EC Academy complete prior to employment?

     The Welfare and Safeguarding of our students are of the utmost importance to us.  All staff members who are employed to work with under 18s will be required to undergo appropriate suitability checks, in line with the organisation’s safeguarding policy

    These checks typically include:

    1.Disclosure and Barring Service (in England and Wales)

    2. Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (in Scotland)

    3. Access NI (in Northern Ireland)

    4. Police Certificate of Good Conduct. Information regarding this will be provided by the Safer Recruitment Officer upon request

    5. 2 x professional references (if you are a recent college or university leaver, a reference from your college or university will be accepted)

  • What documents do I need to work in the UK?

    All EEA and Swiss nationals can enter and live in the UK without needing to apply for permission from the Home Office.

    Due to the temporary nature of our summer posts, we regret to advise you that we cannot consider any applicants who do not possess the required visa status and/or work permit for the UK or US. If you possess the appropriate documentation, you will be required to provide evidence in support of your application.

    Please check your eligibility to work in the UK prior to applying.

  • How long can I work for Embassy Summer/EC Academy?

    Our summer schools run from mid-June through until early-August.

    We offer fixed-term contracts from 2 – 9 weeks to meet operational needs. Our peak summer weeks traditionally run throughout July. We would particularly welcome applicants who are available to work from the end of June to early-August

    Contracts generally run from Saturday to Friday, with the exception of new Activity Leaders who will start their contract on a Friday. Activity Leader contracts end on a Saturday.

    All staff will be entitled to at least 1 day off per week.

  • How many hours a week will I work?

    Weekly working hours vary per role and per centre however, typical hours are as followed:

    • Managers – 50 – 70hrs over 6 days (dependent on role)
    • Activity Leaders – 44hrs over 6 days (incl. weekends)
    • Teachers – 42hrs over 6 days. Teaching will take place normally Monday – Friday. (Max. 30 hours of contact teaching time). Planning time will be inclusive of total weekly hours.
    • Transfer Representatives - 44hrs over 6 days (incl. weekends)
    • Night Supervisors – 30hrs (11 pm – 4 am) over 6 days.
      • House Parents – 45hrs over 6 days in Embassy Summer Centres. 60hrs over 6 days in EC Academy Centres.

  • How much will I be paid?

    The number of hours you will be required to work per week and your weekly rate of pay will be confirmed during your interview. Your pay will be broken down into a Basic weekly rate + Holiday pay at the rate of 12.07%. The unit rate will be confirmed during the interview.

    You will receive a Term Letter stating the particulars of your contract of employment with Embassy Summer/EC Academy through our on-boarding portal; Sterling.

    You will be responsible for completing all the on-boarding documents correctly prior to submitting them back to us via Sterling.

    We will process pay every two weeks during our summer operational period. (Monthly for our Dublin staff) Please note that it is your responsibility to check your weekly hours and any overtime prior to the pay claim being processed.

    We will be happy to discuss any pay-related queries with you directly.

    You must direct any Tax queries directly to HMRC: Telephone: 0300 200 3300.

  • Can I be paid into any bank account?

    Payments will be made into UK or Irish bank accounts and into TransferWise borderless accounts (for those staff members who do not possess a UK current account.)

    To set up your TransferWise borderless account, please follow this link https://transferwise.com/gb/borderless/.
    We recommend that you apply for your TransferWise borderless account prior to commencement of employment.

  • Do I need a Tax Number?

    If you do not have a NI number, we strongly recommend you apply directly to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) to be issued with a NI number. Please follow the link.


  • Is there an opportunity to work overtime?

    We use a time and attendance system at the centre to record your weekly hours. Embassy Summer / EC Academy will pay any approved overtime, accrued over and above your contracted hours.

  • Will I be paid for mandatory training days?

    Embassy Summer/EC Academy will pay staff to attend training events. The total hours attended will be paid in the first fortnightly (or monthly) pay run upon commencement of the contract. In addition, we will pay the cost of travel from the training centre to the host centre.

  • Will I be paid Sick Pay?

    During any period of absence, including absence by reason of sickness or industrial injury, you will not be paid salary but will continue to be entitled to accrue holiday pay. Statutory Sick Pay (“SSP”) may be paid where the relevant applicable legal requirements are met. SSP is usually payable from the fourth day of sickness absence. To obtain SSP and comply with the Company’s absence reporting requirements you must follow the notification and certification procedure described in your contract of employment.

  • Will I be guaranteed work at the same centre throughout my contract?

    During peak weeks, there is a likelihood that we may ask staff to temporarily move to another centre to meet operational needs. This provides staff with a good opportunity to see another centre in operation, and teachers will be able to experience different age ranges and levels. In this instance, we will reimburse the cost of transfer between centres.

  • Can I claim for travel costs?

    We will not pay travel costs to the host centre.  Should you be required to move centre mid-contract, the company will reimburse you the cost of travel to the next centre. You will be required to present your travel receipt on arrival.

  • Can Embassy Summer/EC Academy provide me with on-site accommodation?

    We can accommodate staff in most of our summer centres but we cannot guarantee en-suite rooms. Embassy Summer/EC Academy will organise rooming to meet a number of strict welfare guidelines. Staff members will be accommodated on student floors for supervisory reasons. Non Residential staff members are most welcome, especially in our London centres

    In some cases, staff might be required to move rooms to accommodate groups, but we will give staff ample notice

  • Will I be charged for residential accommodation?

    If you require residential accommodation, we will ONLY charge you £46.84 per week (7 day period). This weekly rate is applied across all Embassy Summer and EC Academy centres and is automatically deducted from your pay

  • Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?


    We are happy to try to accommodate all dietary requirements.

    Celiac diets are commonly catered for. Please speak to your Centre Manager on arrival.

    Vegetarian Meals

    All our centres provide a vegetarian option with every mealtime.

    Packed lunch will be provided on full-day excursions.

  • Do I have to wear an Embassy Summer/EC Academy uniform?

    Staff will be provided with Embassy Summer or EC Academy t-shirts and rain jackets which must be worn whilst on duty

    Teachers will be expected to wear long trousers or skirts and Activity Leaders will require sports shoes and appropriate sports clothing.

    Respecting our dress code is important as student’s security will often depend on it.

  • Is there Wi-Fi at the centres?

    Wi-Fi is available in all our centres.

  • Does Embassy Summer/EC Academy have an app that I can use?

    Yes, we do! And we strongly recommend all our staff download our  Embassy Summer App to learn more about the company. You will be enrolled in the staff section once the summer commences and you can also download the course for your Embassy Summer/EC Academy centre.

  • What is Embassy Summer/EC Academy's social media policy?

    We encourage the professional use of Social Media within restricted channels, such as building your staff professional profile and contributing to positive engagement with colleagues and following our different social media accounts. From a child and student protection perspective, you must not socially connect with students or via email or telephone.


  • Can I work together with a friend or a family member?

    In the event that a family member or friend you have recommended to work for us is successfully employed by Embassy Summer or EC Academy, we will be happy to consider placing you both at the same centre. Offers of employment will always be strictly subject to availability.

  • Can I bring visitors to the centre I’m working at?

    Due to our strict welfare and safeguarding policy, visitors are not permitted on site.

  • Are there laundry facilities at the centres?

    Washing machines and dryers are available in each residence building or boarding house. The cost of washing/drying will be detailed in our centre specific staff welcome packs.

  • Are towels provided to residential staff?

    Not all our summer school centres will provide towels. We recommend you bring your own.

  • Can I claim for damaged or lost personal belongings?

    Embassy Summer/EC Academy will not accept liability for any damage or loss to personal belongings. Please ensure your personal items, especially laptops and mobile phones are insured prior to arrival.

  • Will there be parking at my centre?

    Parking may not be automatically available to our summer staff.  If needed, we will assist with your request for a parking permit, but this will not be guaranteed and will be subject to availability.

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