Embassy Summer Life Skills

Embassy Summer Life Skills

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Our wide range of Activities & Excursions are designed around essential skills to help young learners and young adults build a successful future. Students will be evaluated during activities and excursions to see how they are building a variety of different Life Skills. From taking lead on a team project that builds confidence to creating a piece of work to document a project in the local area - there are lots of opportunities for our students to develop their Life Skills. After taking part in activities representing the different Life Skills, students can track their progress and download certificates on our new Embassy Summer app, and earn an Embassy cap!

We've mapped all of our lessons, activities and excursions to clear skills that will stay with our students as they grow into productive and successful adults. All this while having a great time, meeting friends from around the world and improving their English language skills. 


A key building block to success in life is the ability to communicate effectively – listening as well as speaking.

Supporting Activities:
  • Culture Club
  • International Quiz
  • Bingo




Build self-confidence and self-esteem by breaking out of your comfort zone.

Supporting Activities:
  • Karaoke
  • Court Debate
  • Talent Show



Collaborate with others through exchanging ideas and ultimately achieving common goals in a supportive manner.

Supporting Activities:
  • Mini Olympics
  • Murder Mystery
  • Kahoot Quiz



Stand out from the crowd by learning to think strategically, make decisions and inspire others.

Supporting Activities:
  • Oxford Walking Tour
  • Cambridge Walking Tour
  • Tower Bridge


Problem Solving

Improve logical and creative thinking in order to find solutions to simple or complex problems.

Supporting Activities:
  • The Great Egg Drop
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
  • Escape Room



Feed your curiosity through new experiences and open your mind to different ideas and possibilities.

Supporting Activities:
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • National Gallery
  • British Museum



Develop originality and freedom of expression through both mental and physical activities.

Supporting Activities:
  • Fashion Show
  • Arts & Craft
  • River Cruise



See the world through a different lens by discovering other cultures and ideas.

Supporting Activities:
  • Nature Walk
  • London Eye
  • Westminister Walking Tour


Students can earn up to eight certificates for each of the Life Skills, if all eight are achieved, they’ll also get an Embassy cap.