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Activities & Excursions
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Activities and Excursions

All Embassy Summer centres offer exciting social programmes with lots of activities and excursions during the weekends and outside the classroom. For example, language students get the chance to explore a nearby city or go to fun places like theme parks or museums.

All Embassy activities and excursions are fun, educational, and focused around specific Life Skills. To get an idea of how we integrate our social programme with certain Life Skills, see the examples below...

Embassy Summer  - Kahoot Quiz

Embassy Summer  - Kahoot Quiz

Kahoot Quiz

Life Skill: Teamwork

Listening, comprehending and discussing this quiz in English with team mates will greatly improve teamwork skills.

Embassy Summer  - Arts & Craft

Embassy Summer | Life Skills | Creativity

Arts & Craft

Life Skill: Creativity

Students can develop their creative skills in painting, making and moulding different materials into the theme of the day. Workshops may include origami, poster and flag making.

Embassy Summer  - Kahoot Quiz

Embassy Summer  - Kahoot Quiz


Life Skill: Confidence

Karaoke is definitely an activity that takes a lot of courage. This is such a fun activity that really builds up your confidence.

Embassy Summer  - Photo Scavenger Hunt

Embassy Summer | Life Skills | Problem Solving

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Life Skill: Problem Solving

In groups, students need to capture photos according to a pre prepared list. To win, you’ll need to have a problem solving approach and be creative.

Embassy Summer  - Culture Club

Embassy Summer | Life Skills | Communication

Culture Club

Life Skill: Communication

Students sit together in groups and discuss topics such as British culture, different foods, sport and films.

Embassy Summer  - Nature Walk

Embassy Summer  - Nature Walk

Nature Walk

Life Skill: Exploration

During this activity you’ll get to explore the natural surroundings of the area you are visiting by using maps. A brilliant way to explore the countryside and biodiversity.

Learn English with Embassy Summer

The activities and excursions shown are available at most of our centres (subject to availability), as part of our English language programme. If you are interested in a specific one, get in touch for more information in relation to your planned time of stay or explore the related pages below to learn more....