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Life Skills & Adventures for Young Learners

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Embassy Summer is a winner of the 'ST Star Awards Junior Course for under 18s'


Embassy Summer offers award winning English Language programmes for students aged 8 + in the US and UK. Programmes available from 1 – 8 weeks each featuring exciting Activities & Excursions and our fun new Embassy Life Skills.

Learning English is only part of the journey

Embassy Summer programmes introduce international students to local social life and culture. You learn much more than just a language. Surrounded by friends, you become a better communicator and more confident in yourself. The new international environment transforms you into a curious explorer who is not afraid to be a leader. Embassy Summer teaches you how to be a creative problem-solver working in a team.


Students will build the life skills needed for success in life through not only their English classes but also the wide range of activities and excursions designed to nurture curiosity and creativity, encourage teamwork and leadership skills and boost confidence in a safe and supportive environment.